Global Focus Nootropic

Global Focus Nootropic


The Global Focus enhances your cognitive performance in physical and mental tasks for your professional, academic and athletic endeavours.

By optimising specific plant extracts & natural nutrients the Global Focus gives you complete mental efficiency & clarity of your brain. Providing an array of cognitive benefits that relay in to mental & physical outcomes, as well as brain health protection.

Global Focus supplies specific micro-nutrients of ingredients to the brain that have shown clinically trialled & documented benefits. It does not rely on aggressive CNS stimulants, therefore the 'feel' has you elicit towards the feeling of 'being in the zone' and operating in a 'flow-state' as the specific micro-nutrients are being fed directly to the brain in complete synergy. 

Used the world over by elite athletes such as olympians, fighters, climbers, cross-fitters & endurance specialists. As well as highly attuned professional roles including entrepreneurs, senior executives, university lecturers & top academics, emergency service personnel, actors & public-speakers.

All Earthly Biotics products are made with earth grown ingredients & natural nutrients. They are superior quality supplements containing premium & luxury ingredients. Therefore contain no banned substances, genetically modified organisms, synthetics, binders or fillers.

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