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Victoria Charlotte BSc MSc

"Just like our bodies can grow and adapt, so can our mind. Cognitive performance for me is the capacity to learn new information so we can grow our knowledge and skill sets. It is a clear way to develop our ability to become more successful in our education, careers and day to day life"

Earthly Biotics Nootropic Cognitive Academic Victoria Charlotte
  • Finishing PhD Research In ''The energy and macronutrient intake to enhance performance and reduce fatigue and injury rates of HM armed forces'
  • Masters Degree In Sport & Exercise Physiology
  • Bachelors Degree In Marine Sports Science
  • Top 300 European CrossFitยฎ Competitor
  • Nutritional & Lifestyle Blogger

Victoria is a PhD researcher at the University of Chichester in nutrition and exercise physiology, focusing her research on the nutritional needs of military personnel. During her early education, Victoria struggled in her academic performance. Therefore perusing academia as a career has been a challenge, but one that excites her and makes her strive to excel in her career.

Her interest in physiology and human performance began during her university undergrad degree at Plymouth University where she studied Marine Sports Science. This lead to a masters in Sport and Exercise physiology where her enthusiasm grew even further and a passion for nutrition developed. Victoria's masters dissertation focused on the dose response of an antioxidant supplement, on performance and fat oxidation in recreational cyclists. Through the research and hours of testing, she became fascinated with how the body is capable in improving and utilising its body stores further through natural supplementation.

Following her masters degree, Victoria carried on down the academic path into a PhD, specifically focusing on the nutritional intake of macronutrients in able to enhance performance and reduce fatigue and injury rates amongst the armed forces. The work she has already done has made her realise how our bodies are capable of undergoing vast amounts of stress mentally and physically, which is why her interest continues to increase in how we can fuel our mind and body's during these times to mitigate negative effects.

Along side her academic work, Victoria is an avid fitness enthusiast, with a love for CrossFitยฎ (having competed to within the top 300 from Europe in the world-wide Open), running and water-sports. Similarly to how athletes and sports personnel are taught to feed their muscles to allow their bodies and muscles to recover and perform optimally, she also believes that we need to enhance the understanding of how can feed our brains, to enhance its performance and work at its optimal capability, during our daily lives.

Although the future remains unwritten, Victoria is enthusiastic about continuing her career in research and academia, as well as helping others to improve their physical and mental capabilities, whether in sport, work or daily life, to be the happiest and best versions of them selves.

Pro Team Cognitive Performance Academic Victoria Charlotte

"Earthly Biotics have shown to be a considerate and unique company that not only want the best for their customers through the products they create, but also for their Academics, Athletes, and Ambassadors. For me, I can see a special future for this company and I am excited to be a part of their growth."

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