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Sheli McCoy

"My busy schedule demands constant adaptation from business woman and entrepreneur, to coach and athlete. Optimising my cognitive performance is essential to my success on all platforms"

Earthly Biotics Cognitive Performance Athlete Sheli McCoy
  • CrossFit® Competitor
  • Owner of Complete Phyzique® and Complete-Complete
  • Owner of SweatBox Dundee®
  • Certified Level 4 Personal Trainer, CrossFit® L1, & British Weightlifting L2
  • Injury Rehabilitation, Biomechanics & Kinetics Specialist/Therapist

Sheli McCoy is a competitive CrossFit® athlete, though she often moonlights as an Olympic Weightlifter! Most recently qualifying for and competing in the British Championships in July. CrossFit® began for Sheli as a weight loss tool, giving her something to focus on after a few tough years personally. She very quickly fell in love with the challenging nature of the sport and the constant requirement for progress in many disciplines and an overriding degree of mental toughness. When her training began to excel, Sheli decided to compete and has spent the last few years travelling over Europe to compete as an individual, in a pair, and as part of teams.

Now that she has gone through all the trials & tribulations that come with when starting on the back-foot she is in a very unique place the say that if she can do it, so can you. As a public speaker as well she has been a motivating and practical voice to hundreds if not thousands of people that have seen her in person or follow her online. Her athletic endeavours has now given her an incredible focus, direction and platform from which to share her education & experiences to help others reach their potential.

Attending Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen, McCoy has a degree, honours and a masters all centred around sports science, exercise nutrition, injury rehabilitation, kinetics, biomechanics, and elite athletic performance.

With an array of impressive athletic experience and academic knowledge, Sheli McCoy is set to build an entire empire encompassing all that she knows and from all that she has done. A real entrepreneurial drive over the next few years will definitely see her reach new heights and go way past any goals that she has set both personally & professionally.
Already running Complete Phyzique®, Complete Complete, and SweatBox Dundee, she is off to a flying start to what will become Sheli McCoy Training. A complete sports hub to encompass all her skills and provide all aspects of health and fitness in person. As well as keeping her online fitness & nutrition programming involved too so people can reach her from all around the globe.

You should not, and cannot bet against Sheli McCoy. She has climbed multiple peaks that most would not even attempt, and now she's climbing the mountain. With a mental fortitude as tough as hers you have got to believe in everything she has done and is going to do. A down-to-earth, old school, no BS, get stuck in approach to her athletics, her academics, and her entrepreneurial endeavours. We are proud to have her on the Earthly Biotics Pro Team to represent what it takes to get your life heading in the right direction.

Earthly Biotics Pro Team Athlete Sheli McCoy

"Earthly Biotics are a team dedicated to utilising natural ingredients to access the potentials of enhancing cognitive performance, one which I am excited and proud to be a part of"