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Lesley Brown

"Cognitive performance for me means giving yourself the edge over your competition. It gives you that extra spark of confidence on competition day or exam day. It is the difference between excelling and just getting by."

Earthly Biotics Nootropic Athlete Lesley Brown
  • 63kg Competitive Weightlifter
  • CrossFit® Competitor
  • Physiotherapy Student
  • British Weightlifting Level 2 Coach & CrossFit® Trainer at Shapesmiths
  • Sports Massage Therapist

Originally a ballerina until a career ending hip injury at the age of 16, Lesley has not had a straight path to success. After years of misdiagnosis, a curiosity to understand the reasons behind her own injury and sheer will to refuse to accept that she wouldn’t be capable of full function once more have all lead to her to this point. A fateful appointment with one of the Scotland Rugby Physiotherapists four years later lead to an ironically quick diagnosis, surgery and an intensive rehabilitation programme centred around more classic strength and conditioning methods and a big focus on squatting. The methodology of “building the scaffolding” around a vulnerable joint has always stayed with her to this day and serves as the main driver for returning to University in 2017 to retrain as a Physiotherapist. To be able to positively impact the lives of others and give back some
control to someone suffering from a debilitating injury is what keeps her driven when the days get long and study gets tough to balance with everything else.

Coming into sports like Crossfit and Weightlifting with ballerina mobility, rugby
player levels of squatting from rehabilitation and the ingrained discipline from hours of drilling movements perfectly, it was no surprise when she became engrossed by the endless possibility of what her body could achieve. Pushing each and every year to get better with her best Open to date in 2018 finishing top 400 in Europe Central and making a transition into Olympic Weightlifting in October 2017 saw her qualify for English Championships in January 2018 and finish 7th in her weight class.

After a few years of training and competing in Crossfit Lesley made the decision to work towards her British Weightlifting and Crossfit coaching qualifications, as well as Sports Massage qualifications, around her full time job in the corporate world. This has lead to two incredible years working for Crossfit Shapesmiths and The Livewell Clinic and more importantly in the past year has allowed her to leave the corporate world for good and to support herself through University while studying and competing. Being able to teach movement and understand the different intricacies of each human body has been invaluable while working towards her degree as well as the most fun and varied jobs she’s ever had.

Earthly Biotics Cognitive Performance Athlete Lesley Brown

"`From day one with Earthly Biotics it has been about rising above the norm' and chasing perfection. A company like this will always continue to strive for the best because they refuse to settle for average in any aspect of their business."