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Juliette Norman, BSc MSc MReS

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Cognitive Supplement Pro Team Academic Juliette Norman
  • Finishing PhD in 'Detrimental effects of physical inactivity on musculoskeletal and metabolic health across the lifespan'
  • Master Of Research (MReS) in Musculoskeletal Ageing
  • GP Health Referral Instructor
  • Physical Training Instructor
  • Ultra Distance Runner

Juliette is a PhD candidate at the University of Liverpool investigating the physiological impact of adopting a sedentary lifestyle for two weeks in younger and older adults. Specifically, she is looking at changes in musculoskeletal and metabolic health and whether these changes are reversed once activity is regained. Additionally, she works part time as an Exercise for Health instructor within Liverpool city council fitness centres. Her role involves working with people that have been referred by medical professionals (GP, nurse, physiotherapist) for exercise prescription to help treat, rehabilitate and prevent ill health though physical activity. Physical activity describes any movement of our muscles that uses energy, which can range from walking to the local shop or gardening right through to more structured exercise such as running or playing tennis. Together they devise an activity plan that utilises a combination of cardiovascular and strength based activities that they can incorporate into their daily lives as well as inside a gym environment if suitable.

Juliette believes physical activity to be one of the greatest medicines for an array of health issues. She cites that our human anatomy and physiology are beautifully adapted for movement and coping with continual variations in energy demands. Over the course of human evolution our food supplies and safety from predation were uncertain, therefore our bodies are tailored towards conserving energy in any way possible but also have the capacity to gain strength and cardiorespiratory fitness when required. In contrast, our current Western society has plenty of food available and modern convenience means it is not uncommon for us to spend a long time sitting still. Extended periods of being sedentary and lifestyles that incur little physical activity are simply not suited to our genetic makeup, which is why we hugely increase the risk of developing chronic conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, sarcopenia, cancer, depression… I could go on. This is why a lifestyle that is as physically active as possible is absolutely fundamental to maintaining good physical and mental health. This is also why she feels passionately about researching, educating and helping people of all ages and abilities to increase their daily physical activity.

Nootropic Academic Juliette Norman Pro Team

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