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Janie Garratt

"In competitive sport, the mental game is everything. Cognitive enhancing supplements can make the difference between winning and losing. Obtaining optimal mental function for training, competition and business needs is like a dream come true"

Pro Team Earthly Biotics Nootropic Athlete Janie Garratt
  • CrossFit® European Regional Competitor
  • Owner of JJG Personal Training Studio®
  • CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer
  • BSc Hons' Degree in Health, Exercise and Physical Activity

  • Ex Gymnast

With a background of gymnastics, competing in CrossFit® wasn’t going to be an issue for Janie. After being in the sport for only a year, she completed and passed her CrossFit® level 1 and started coaching whilst gaining experience through others. 5 years down the line with her training and knowledge increasing, she had her best ever showing as an Individual CrossFit® Competitor. In 2018 Janie finished in 15th place in the UK for the CrossFit® European Central Open, earning her a well deserved place to travel to Berlin for the next round.

The female CrossFit® European Regionals is arguably the toughest event at this level, with many of the top world class athletes in the sport competing for only 5 spots to progress on to the Final Games. Janie was exceptional at her first regional showing, finishing in 30th overall having put herself out there to rise and compete against the best women in the entire sport. Earthly Biotics cannot wait to see what this incredibly skilled and strong competitor does within the sport of CrossFit® in the coming years.

Having started gymnastics from the age of 5 and continuing to compete within the same discipline until the age of 14. The initial dream was to own a Gymnastics Centre and create little champions and send them off to the Olympics! However, as we know gymnastics is a very harsh sport, physically and mentally. She no longer saw the love in what seemed like punishing children & young teenagers to make them better athletes. Janie realised she wanted to help children & adults that wanted to really learn - not forced. In 2015 she graduated University with a BSc Hons Degree in Health, Exercise and Physical activity and put her qualifications straight to use. Now only a handful of years later she has attained an enormous amount experience & knowledge in what takes others decades. Janie has taken taken the industry in to her own hands.

Alongside the success of her athleticism Janie recently opened her own gym called ‘JJG Personal Training Studio®’. She covers all aspects of health and fitness and of course all the gymnastics skills from beginner to advance through her personal training, group classes and online programming. Based in Plymouth on the south coast of Devon since April 2018, she is already looking to expand after only 4 months from opening. A testament to the welcoming & joyful aura that comes as soon as you meet her and when stepping in to the JJG Studio®.

It is no surprise that Janie has driven herself to excel personally in the sport of CrossFit®. As well as helping countless others of all ages to discover new abilities, and achieve skills they had only dreamt of being attainable.

Earthly Biotics Cognitive Performance Athlete Janie Garratt

"Earthly Biotics so far have been a fun, kind and generous company looking to help individuals better themselves through their own supplementation. In addition, their selfless actions to improve their athletes athletic career through training camps is just what an athlete needs, out of the comfort zone of the gym and into the unknown and unfamiliar. I couldn't be more excited to work with such an intriguing company which is so committed to helping their athletes"

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