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Hebe Burton

"Cognitive performance for me is an umbrella of mental clarity, health, focus and performance. Whether it's work or training, I want to be utilising what I have to achieve the best I can"

Pro Team Earthly Biotics Nootropic Athlete Hebe Burton
  • CrossFit® Competitor

  • Owner of Burtons Bakes®

When Earthly first met Hebe Burton, we knew instantly that she was a very, very good egg. She has the most important qualities that a lot of top performers have either disregarded or forgotten, being that she is humble, grounded, kind, and honest. The traits that make up any special athlete or person that is to be held in the highest of regard for their character & personality.

Having grown up with her mum being an avid home-cooker, Hebe always had an interest in cooking, baking, food, & nutrition. She also began her own blog called Burtons Bakes when she was enjoying her time experimenting and making the best looking buns & cakes you have ever seen!
Initially her ambitions we’re to help companies develop & create food products. Something she is already very skilled at and always improving in the kitchen! With a larger goal to help those who have mental health issues surrounding eating disorders. It is apparent that currently many people with these burdens are receiving very generic advice that is not specific to them. 

Nor is it coming from someone with experience. Hebe recognises this and is looking to build her own knowledge, expertise, and experience over the coming years so she can be a helpful & most importantly, a practical influence to those who need it.

Hebe is also one of the fastest learning and most progressive CrossFit® athletes we have ever seen! After just one year in the sport she already took part in the official CrossFit® Open where competitors from around the world submit their scores to specific workout routines. As well as entering her first competition in July 2018 in a team event at the Wild West® throw-down where she performed exceptionally in her first competitive role. Already taking on her second competition in a female pair later in the year she is on a brilliant early rise and we can't wait to see her achieve more and more at such an early stage in the sport.

With Hebe Burtons exceptional character and warmth that is apparent from the moment you meet her, which only continues to rise with every minute spent in her proximity from her charm, joy, and complete realness. It is no surprise that what we here at Earthly Biotics refer to as 'cognitive performance' is in abundance with this one.
To overcome personal challenges, go forth and find new challenges, and put yourself out to test what you are really made of. Whilst positively effecting everyone around you, takes a very, very special athlete & person. We're privileged to have her believe in us, as we do her.

Pro Team Cognitive Performance Supplement Athlete Hebe Burton

"From the offset Earthly Biotics have been unique; both in their approach and their product. It's incredibly exciting to be working alongside such a company, and to do so with a team full of truly inspirational individuals"

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