Pro Team : Ambassador

Harry Jocelyn

"Earthly Biotics first product the Global Focus already proves the heavyweight role they're going to take in nootropics, for both the athletic and professional industries at the highest level"

  • Co-Founder of Kogma Kinetics®
  • Anatomy In Motion® Teacher
  • Third Space Gym® Marylebone Instructor
  • Elite Sports Performance & Rehabilitation
  • Ski Touring & All-Mountain Skier

Harry is driven to understand the details of why we do the things we do. Why we undertake the tasks we set ourselves. What edges us to our limits and how do we act when an obstacle is put in front of us. His philosophy is simple, "all rivers lead to the sea", it's not the power of the river that overcomes the obstacle, it is the persistence of it.
The expedition of our environment, from city to mountain peak is intoxicating for Harry. The dynamic spectrum of adaptation, intrinsic to our systems creates a special Ying-Yang effect. He uses this mindset to explore further, research deeper, and push harder in the pursuit of an explanation.

Harrys intention overall is to bring an awareness towards your physical state which could benefit the sensory experience of the mind in order to create something whole fully of meaning to you.

KOGMA is an evolution of observation within the realm of human bio mechanics . Consultants in physical therapy. They believe your body and mind is the ultimate eco powerhouse, capable of vast abilities.  "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication" the philosophy of KOGMA stems from the research of Gary Wards, Anatomy in Motion® (AiM®) which breaks down the role of each joint and bone within the body. What impact does this joint have on that joint? How will that effect the other tissues in the process of present and future movement. How will your soft tissue, organs and cognition respond to your decision? We specialise in cleaning the mess and focusing on the route cause within the predicted outcome.

Movement is a telling, movement is life. To make decisions stems from subconscious weighing up the success or failure, risk over reward towards the area, task and / or action, you plan to move towards, away and / or within.

Movement is a puzzle not of what's right or wrong. More of being honest within its strategy. Not here to make profound statements. More about delivering an observation of of the strategic vs the honest for a given task.

Are you disguising a weakness as a strength ?


"`I take my Global Focus as soon as I wake up on an empty stomach. Wether I'm pushing myself or working on other people, I'm 100% switched on and ready to go."