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Charlie Francis

"I am super busy with work everyday and I find it hard to have mental clarity when training sometimes. Being able to supplement to help cognitive performance to get rid of brain fog and attain full focus is amazing!"

Earthly Biotics Brain Performance Athlete Charlie Francis
  • CrossFit® Competitor
  • Co-Owner of CrossFit Galleon®
  • Owner of Equation Training®
  • British Weightlifting Level 2 Coach & CrossFit® Trainer
  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition Student

Charlie is one of the most entrepreneurial & competitive people Earthly have ever met! Her whole life she has been involved in an array of different sports teams as health and fitness has been the building blocks for her life. Early on she competed at a high level in athletics with her main event being the 100 metre sprint, and she hasn't slowed down since!

Upon studying Sport and Exercise Science, she struggled to find time to fit in all the training for both her team sports and athletics. To maintain fitness levels, she started putting into practise the training principles she was learning at college and begin training solo at any time she could spare. Quickly finding a love for strength and hypertrophy training. After qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Charlie set up an online coaching business called Equation Training® so she could travel and work anywhere in the world. During her time traveling she spent 2 years in Australia working as a Personal Trainer as well as 4 months in India studying to be a Yoga Teacher, on top of managing her online clientele.

After finding a love for CrossFit® while traveling, Charlie came home, qualified as a CrossFit® coach and after meeting her partner, opened the CrossFit Galleon® gym/box in Newquay, Cornwall. She continually encourages and leads the Kids & Youth CrossFit® classes as well as leading the full weightlifting sessions. Now employing more than just herself and her partner, CrossFit Galleon® has more coaches & instructors taking classes too. With her extensive qualifications, knowledge, and entrepreneurial drive, her CrossFit Gym & Online Coaching businesses are both integrating and expanding at an incredible rate.  A true testament to the hard work Charlie has put in to herself and those around her. She can at the very least be described as an incredibly friendly and truly hardworking entrepreneur. Someone who strives for happiness and excellence in every aspect of her life.

Charlie decided to compete in the CrossFit® Open for the first time in 2018 and finished 146th in the UK, and 252nd in Europe Central which comprised of over 12,000 athletes across 18 countries. Positively surprised with her finish, Charlie is now going to push for a top 100 finish in Europe Central next year. Finding time to put in gruelling hours in to bettering herself as well as her businesses. From what we know of Charlie Francis so far, we should all expect her to excel on that leaderboard over the coming years.

Earthly Biotics Cognitive Performance Athlete Charlie Francis

"It is great to find a company so passionate about using natural ingredients. Finding products which are not full of chemicals is super hard, even when they say they're not! I feel very strongly about not filling my body with unnatural ingredients, so the Earthly Biotics Global Nootropic Series is excellent!"