Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Nootropics and Global Nootropic Series®

  1. What Is a Nootropic ?
    Nootropic ; n, adj : dietary supplement that helps support specific cognitive functions. Either through natural or synthetic deliveries, they can help with focus, memory, mood, relaxation, sleep, and other cognitive function including overall brain-health.
  2. How does Earthly Biotics Global Nootropic Series work ?
    Our Global Nootropic Series is is a whole new level in the science of nootropics and a clear market leader due to its innovative 100% clean formula. With every ingredient heavily backed by research to produce cognitive performance at its finest. To understand more head to our launch product, the Global Focus.

  3. What do Nootropics feel like ?
    Not like coffee. Global Focus contains no erratic stimulants, so no come up or come downs are expected. Therefore it gives much greater mental concentration & clarity.
  4. What are the Benefits of Nootropics ?
    Please view our individual product pages of the Global Nootropic Series for different cognitive benefits.
  5. How soon will I notice the effects ?
    Times can vary, though effects can be noticed within 30 minutes. You should consider the time of day taken and your diet in that day for best results.
  6. How do I take Nootropics ?
    Taking Global Focus in the morning with a glass of water on an empty stomach sees best results.
  7. What is the dosage amount ?
    2 capsules. Please also regard our label found on the base of our products.
  8. Should I "cycle" my nootropics ?
    "Cycling" is the practise of taking your supplements for a certain amount of time, then taking a break so you do not build up a tolerance and can experience the full benefits consistently. Common practise is '4 weeks on' to '1 week off' or '5 days on' to '2 days off'. However due to the potency of the premium ingredients found in Global Focus, you can expect to find consistent benefits without Cycling. This is due to the micronutrients stacking over time as well as other factors.
  9. Are Nootropics safe & free of side effects ?
    Due to the unregulated market of Dietary Supplements, many rely on 'placebo' effects and/or fake "natural" claims, or using 'fillers'. These below average products plague the market and may contain harmful synthetics even under a product labelled "natural". You should always read the Supplement Facts sheet, including the 'other ingredients' section. Global Focus is leading the way with comprehensively backed clinical trials for all of its earth grown ingredients and are all found to be safe and well tolerated.
  10. How has Earthly Biotics managed to use no artificial additives in it's formula such as binding agents ?
    Global Focus is the first product to innovatively produce a formula of earth grown ingredients packed in to a vegan capsule with no synthetics, GMOs, gluten, dairy, caffeine, preservatives, additives, binders or fillers. With potent, bioavailable and easy to absorb ingredients, Global Focus is a product for everyone. Thanks to the innovation of our team and the most up to date science.
  11. Will Nootropics interact with any medications I am taking ?
    Always consult with your doctor before taking dietary supplements. Print out or photograph our Supplement Facts sheet to show your medical professional to receive the best advice for any medication you are taking. The statements made throughout this website have not been evaluated by the FDA or equivalent body. Products sold are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  12. Are Nootropics Legal ?
    Yes all nootropics and supplements from Earthly Biotics are safe and legal. All of our products are free of banned substances listed by the 'World Anti-Doping Agency' and therefor can be taken as a safe, legal cognitive performance-enhancers for olympic, professional, and amateur athletes.


Questions about Orders, Deliveries & Returns

  1. I didn't receive an email receipt, what should I do ?
    When placing a successful order you will first receive an "Order Confirmed Receipt" email. Followed by a "Shipping Receipt" email when your order has been sent. If you did not receive either email please check your bank transactions, and if a payment has been taken then please contact us immediately.
  2. I received both an Order Confirmed & Shipping receipt, why have I not received my order ?
    If your product has not been delivered within the working-day count on your "Shipping Receipt" email & you have checked successful payment via your bank, please contact us immediately.
  3. Can I cancel my order ?
    You can still cancel your order after an "Order Confirmed Receipt". If you have received a "Shipping Receipt", your order cannot be cancelled as it is in transit.
  4. Do you ship to my country ?
    Yes. All products are shipped out the same day or following morning. Free UK shipping is available. Paid shipping elsewhere.
  5. Do you offer refunds ?
    Yes. Although Earthly Biotics products contain premium & luxury ingredients and cost significantly more to make than our competitors. We therefor can only accept refunds on products that are still unopened, completed sealed & undamaged, within 15 days of receipt. To return a fully sealed item, please get in touch via our customer service form and we can get you fully refunded. Please refer to our Returns & Refunds Policy for full details.
  6. Where is my product shipped from ?
    All products are shipped from our warehouse and offices in Sussex, United Kingdom.

Questions about Earthly Biotics

  1. What kind of quality testing goes in to Earthly Biotics products ?
    All of Earthly Biotics products go through multiple quality control & assurance checks. They are conducted before, during, and after the manufacturing process to the highest of standards. Our leading UK manufacturer also undergoes third party auditing for unbiased 100% satisfaction on its overall conduct & produce.
  2. Are your products vegan ?
  3. Are Earthly Biotics products eco friendly ?
    Yes. You will find most dietary supplements packaged in plastic bottles, the statistics of which are appalling. With our Tin packaging you can more easily re-use in a number of ways. In our office for example, plant pots & miscellaneous storage seem to be favourited!
  4. Where are all Earthly Biotics products made ?
    England, United Kingdom. Our manufacturing partner is a consistent innovator and leader in producing the highest quality in our industry.
  5. Are your products available at Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods or other brick-and-mortar locations ?
    No. Earthly Biotics products are only sold online.

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