Nootropics For Fitness

Most commonly Nootropics are taken as cognitive supplements. Though in more recent years the fitness industry, including athletes, bodybuilders, cross-fitters, and the average fitness enthusiast have been taking more and more Nootropics as many of the benefits relay in to physical performance outcomes.

This blog is going to inform you how the best nootropics help you achieve a mind-body connection that you’ve only dreamt of before. How you can begin experiencing enhanced benefits such as a higher intensity towards your workout, overall energy, complete focus and a noticeable improvement in your motivation. So you can take your fitness goals to the next level.

How Do Nootropics Increase Physical Performance ?

Earthly Biotics Global Focus Nootropic® was made with both cognitive & physical performance in mind. So you can have increased levels of focus and the attributes that we associate with that word. Such as motivation, effort, and intensity.

By optimising a completely natural formula that uses earth grown ingredients, we used nootropics that feed your brain with the correct nutrients to elicit your highest physical performance ability.

The most profound effects of which have all come from only the most rigorous industry testing; through double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials. The main 4 for ‘focus’ of which we summarised below:


Concentration is the really the over-riding factor when it comes to achieving success. Wether that entails getting a 1 second personal best time or lifting one more 1 kilogram on your squat. The innate ability to solely concentrate on that single goal and harness the power of your dominant thought is what the mind-muscle connection comes from.

Being able to zone in on what matters most at that exact moment in your physical endeavour is where a supplemented improved focus really pays off. Everything you do gets a little sharper, a little better, and over time all those moments where you had focus on your task, pays off big time in the long run. Either big muscle gains like Arnold, or millisecond improvements like Usain. Either way, legacy follows.


One of the most common wants & needs of athletes through supplementation is easily energy. Getting a boost in energy from nootropics to enhance ones performance over an entire day or session can drastically increase the probability of a positive result.

The classic and still widely used resource to get an increase in energy is undoubtedly caffeine. It is a staple in many peoples diets and has been widely used in the supplement industry, especially in pre-workouts and cheap nootropics.

Everyone can agree that caffeine is a useful tool for energy and attention, both benefits of which would help athletic performance. But the downfall is always waiting on the other side: the caffeine crash. Because caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. That’s why it’s very very noticeable when you take it, and very very noticeable when it wears off.

This is where innovative nootropics such as our Global Focus Nootropic are taking centre stage. As it is completely stimulant free, with all the benefits still intact by increasing energy on a cellular level for your brain and body.

Using cellular pathways instead of stimulant ones, nootropics can increase energy in a more natural and effective way. It is completely clean energy production for the whole body that is being sourced in a more safer & efficient way. Eliminating any type of crash or come-down as one experiences with caffeine and other stimulants.

Looking past the peak performance element to this however is that nootropic ingredients that supply their benefits on a cellular level also your metabolic health and weight management. Making them a true powerhouse for a wide variety of demographics looking to improve their own level of activity.

Let us remind you though, that if that 06:00 coffee has become somewhat of a ritual to you before your morning workout, then you can be assured it is more than acceptable and safe to take nootropics alongside caffeine if you wish.


Lets face it, your workout is never going to occur if you don’t have the willingness to get up, get ready, set out your session, and get to where you need to be for it to take place. To this fact then, motivation is the first port of call and as such is one of the most important factors for achieving your goals. Making natural nootropics your new best friend for their ability to keep your brain on track and focused on what needs to be done to get going. Natural nootropics in this aspect support the brain by promoting the chemicals responsible for regulating your inner-drive.

Think about how much you hear & see people talking about “mindset” this and “state of mind” that. That’s because in 2018 it is a well known-fact that if you have that frame of mind to be absolutely motivated towards your goals then think of the knock on effects it has to what improvements will happen to your efforts on the field, extra speed in the pool, the big push in the gym, and your overall consistency day in day out to get after what your chasing.

Regardless of wether your a pro or a beginner, natural nootropics will help you fundamentally stay motivated due to the cellular level being operated.

Resistance To Stress

How do you improve a muscle ? You cause it to break down by putting stress on it so that it rebuilds stronger than before. With variations of the breaking & rebuilding of tissue depending on the type of stress it was subject to. Put simply.

So with that fact, we can concur that any great time spent on improving your fitness is going to incur some form of stress. With that physical stress adaptation also occur mental stress as it is no easy task to just cause “good” damage to your muscles.

Nootropics are going to really help you handle the stresses associated in fitness in 2 main ways:

  1. Physical & Mental Resistance. Natural nootropics are botanicals and in turn are called adaptogens(a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress). They are incredibly effective at cognitive enhancement because they assist the brain in reducing the effect of “brain-fog” that occurs when our cognition is being overwhelmed. The same benefits also enter the parameters of physical stress which results in complete synergistic efforts to keep both mind and body more efficient at dealing with stress as a whole. So these adaptogens then help athletes and fitness enthusiasts react better to more stressful loads, whilst maintaining complete mental clarity.

  2. Actively Restoring Neurotransmitters. When you expose your body and mind to stressful environments such as working out and physical competition, your brain releases chemicals for a an array of reasons. But the harder & longer you go on, the faster the rate at which these chemicals are consumed. The increase in these neurotransmitters is one reason why you experience such things as euphoria, enhanced surge in strength, and a burst of intensity. All of which we would have been part of the experience from a memorable workout that we felt was amazing. Certain nootropics ingredients then for fitness will greatly help to restore these chemicals in the brain and keep your neurotransmitters from depleting so quickly. Enabling you to have a more fulfilling session of activity.

For resistance to stress then we can say that natural nootropics will certainly play a part in improving this aspect of your fitness game. Without a doubt you do want stress to occur when getting active, but utilising that stress and gaining an advantage from it is where nootropics will help you reap the rewards.

Physical Training Neurotransmitters

Nootropics are a big player in your mental efficiency, especially in physical training. The chemical systems they operate in are a profound reason as to their effectiveness.

The Dopaminergic System

The system responsible for the distribution of dopamine, the “reward chemical”. Nootropics can play a major role for your dopamine levels with their nutrients effecting the flow of these chemicals. By naturally supplementing with nootropics you can introduce a clean way for your body to utilise the properties to either increase energy, reduce stress, or both through this system.

As the justly nicknamed “reward chemical”, it is important to remember that your level of motivation is conceived by your perception of the value received from the reward of your efforts. Your level of physical activity and motivation towards your fitness goals then comes from what you deem to be the value of doing the exercise required. A fundamental equation happening inside your brain almost constantly is result of your level of motivation and how much stress it is causing. Using nootropics you can literally feed your brain the nutrients it requires to get right in the middle of this equation and help your mind overcome the doubt. To help you realise that the dopaminergic system is the door to your goals, and nootropics can be a real key.

The Serotonergic System

The release of serotonin is caused to control impulses that are triggered by neurones. If you have low serotonin or a deficiency, this will cause your to have low inhibitions that result in not wanting to pursue your objectives or complete tasks. It can also compound and extend in to the realms of being aggressive due the frustration of not finishing things you know should be done.

Simply put, lower than average levels of serotonin may negatively impact your view of reward, increasing stress levels, brain-fog, and on overall ill-desire to give your efforts towards a task.

Similarly seen in the dopaminergic system, nootropics will help you with your physical activity by handling the mental & physical stress that occurs. Serotonin does have it individual factors but dopamine is the dominant behaviour regulating chemical. So improving motivation and reducing stress is always going to happen both systems, but always starting with dopamine first.

The Cholinergic System

This system regulates the main brain chemical that forms the relationship between neurones in the brain and the muscles in the body: Acetylcholine. It is a key-factor in attention and energy to be at their highest when mind & body are in tandem. Connected to the neocortex and the hippocampus in the brain.

Control arousal is the term given when acetylcholine is used by the neocortex to communicate with the cholinergic system. Some nootropics you will find help activate this system to produce chemicals that increase focus, energy, motivation, and reducing stress. Whilst also working with dominant dopamine neurones.

Global Focus Nootropic® Ingredients For Fitness

If you think that you need that extra lift to get you in the gym, or that extra boost to consistently finish your workouts with a positive bang. Then natural nootropics from our Global Focus will be perfect for you.

The highly specific stack found in our Global Focus makes the most of the ingredients by synergistically working in tandem to elicit major benefits. From enhanced cognition to extended endurance, and composure under duress.

These ingredients and their benefits will be sure to keep you fitness goals a reality, and have achieve them sooner than you think.


Ginseng’s most impressive impact is the stimulation of brain cells which has measurable improvements on concentration and cognition. Gene modulating MicroRNAs are molecules that regulate gene expression in brain cell DNA, thereby having the capability to affect almost everything happening within the brain. Research has found as many as 73 MicroRNAs in ginseng.

Nootropics Benefits For Fitness:

  1. Improved Mental Performance

  2. Boost Physical & Mental Energy

  3. Increasing Cognitive Function Abilities

  4. Reduces Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

  5. Better Lung Function

  6. Anti-inflammatory

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Because phosphatidylserine is a key component of healthy cells, it has been found that athletes can benefit hugely by taking it as a daily supplement. In several studies, phosphatidylserine has been shown to decrease muscle damage and improve the body’s response to being put under stress.

Nootropic Benefits For Fitness:

  1. Boosting Athletic Performance

  2. Improving Mental Agility

  3. Reducing Stress

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N-Acetyl L-Carnitine

Many studies have been conducted on the abilities for Carnitine variations to increase power output and the more comprehensive the study, the more positive the results. One such trial successfully showed with supplementation an enhanced anaerobic work capacity with reduced lactate accumulation.

Nootropic Benefits For Fitness:

  1. Increases Brain Energy & Performance

  2. Reduce Muscle Damage & Increased Muscle Recovery

  3. Increased Power Output & Muscle Fuel Metabolism

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French Maritime Pine Bark

Pine Bark Extract is one of the most under-utilised natural resources in athletes and professionals due to its powerhouse athletic capabilities and its cognitive benefits. From enhanced endurance, delaying fatigue, and reduced cramps, through to improved cognitive performances again and again. With an array of antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties as well as going above and beyond Aspirin for those needing a natural alternative.

Nootropic Benefits For Fitness:

  1. Improved Cognitive Performance & Brain Function

  2. Enhancing Athletic Performance

  3. Increasing Mental Stamina & Blood Flow Circulation

  4. Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory Properties

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Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a member of the family of herbs known as adaptogens, and it has a powerful effect on the body’s adrenal response to short-term and long-term stress. This allows those taking it as a supplement to boost their performance under pressure and to improve their cognitive function over time. Instead of exhaustion, a higher level of equilibrium (the homeostasis) is attained, called the heterostasis. The higher it is, the better the adaptation to stress.

Nootropic Benefits For Fitness:

  1. Increases Concentration

  2. Boosts Performance & Energy

  3. Directly Fights Fatigue & Tiredness

  4. Assists In Fat Burn

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N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine improves focus, increases energy levels and gives the brain and body a performance boost, much like caffeine, minus the caffeine crash. Recent studies have continually provided evidence that TYR supplementation can improve facets of cognitive control & performance in situations with high cognitive demands and stress, as well as mental alertness, reducing mental fatigue.

Nootropic Benefits For Fitness:

  1. Enhanced Cognitive Speed & Flexibility

  2. Improved Performance Under Stress

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The benefits of L-Theanine are myriad, and can increase cognitive ability, rejuvenate and relax you, heighten focus and alter your mood, & reduce your blood pressure.

Nootropic Benefits For Fitness:

  1. Increasing Alpha Brain Waves

  2. Boosting Neurotransmitters

  3. Reducing The Impact Of Stress

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L-Alpha GPC

Professional sporting athletes often supplement Alpha-GPC as it is a completely natural way for strengthening & increasing lean muscle mass, providing more energy when training, and aiding quicker recovery. Not only does Alpha-GPC boost brain function, it also increases physical strength.

Nootropic Benefits For Fitness:

  1. Improves Focus & Cognitive Processing Speed

  2. Strength, Power, & Lean Muscle Mass

  3. Boosts Dopamine

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Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has been found to help the body in a multitude of ways, particularly the brain. Alongside aiding cerebral circulation through homocysteine regulation, B6 assists in the synthesis of serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, GABA and norepinephrine, enhancing alertness, mood, memory and cognition, while reducing fatigue, pain, depression and anxiety.

Nootropics Benefits For Fitness:

  1. Neurotransmitter Synthesis

  2. Improved Concentration & Reduced Stress

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Earthly Biotics assemble their Nootropics UK for the most scientifically proven results to deliver a powerhouse for your fitness related endeavours. Wether you need energy, concentration, motivation, or enhanced athletic benefits. The ingredients are perfect for your workout or athletic competition.

Athletic performance enhancement is exactly what you should expect and we’re proud to deliver you the best natural nootropic solely made with earth grown ingredients & natural nutrients. Without the inclusion of any aggressive central nervous system stimulants, banned substances, or any synthetics, binders or fillers. Just clean, pure, elevated athletic ability.


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