Easy Intro To Nootropics

Nootropic Definition;
noun, adj : dietary supplement that helps support specific cognitive functions

Other Names Used;
Cognitive Supplements, Brain Supplements, Cognitive Health Supplements, Cognitive Enhancers.

To Not Be Confused With;
Smart Drugs, Prescription Drugs

Why, What, and How

Why Nootropics?

Nootropics are for people looking to take control of their outcomes. Competitive athletes and those in highly attuned professional roles use them ensuring they are 100% switched on to best perform in their environment to achieves success. To the health conscious it is about decreasing the chances of getting age related cognitive diseases. For university students it is processing & learning at a higher rate and retaining information better. There are a number of reasons of why to take nootropics. However, the aim is to truly understand your ‘why’ and then associate what aspects of your brains cognition would benefit the most for your individual cause.

What Are Nootropics?

2 sides of the coin in the Nootropics market; Natural or Synthetic (or a mix but we classify this as Synthetic as it is not 100% natural). Synthetic Nootropics kicked off the global market after huge use in silicon valley by successful entrepreneurs, however they can carry side effects as they are mostly genetically modified organisms. On the other side, Natural Nootropics have started to become just as if not more popular due to the wide success in high level sports and professions whilst needing not worry about side effects and drug testing as they are all botanical derivatives or natural nutrients. As well as being just as effective with the beneficial outcomes should the ingredients and formula be correctly adapted for the sed outcome.

How Nootropics Work?

Certain plants and naturally occurring nutrients have scientifically and significantly shown to have effects on cognition. Over time, research has identified different areas of the brain are effected by the micro-nutrients in different ingredients. Thus resulting in being able to combine certain ingredients to determine specific cognitive performance outcomes or protection. Though it takes a great deal of historical study, scientific research and cross-comparison of clinical trials and data to establish the real effects of a single ingredient. That is before you start combining ingredients together, which then multiplies your need for a comprehensive understanding significantly.

As always here at Earthly Biotics we encourage you to do your research on all ingredients, products, and brands that you buy from, regardless of the product being sold it is good practise. If you would like to learn more please see our Ingredients Discovered page that the Earthly Biotics Team continually work on and update. Click the word ‘EXPLORE’ next to any ingredient to delve deeper in to the science.


Most Importantly; A Dietary Supplement

They are not meant to, nor have the ability to replace your normal diet. Nootropic ingredients come in small doses due to their potency and more significantly do not offer calorific values for a sufficient diet.

However you can work your Nootropic intake with your diet to best see the benefits. If you have consistent eating times then try different times of the day for intaking your nootropics to maximise the benefits specific to your environment. Usually taking your Nootropics as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach with a glass of water sees the best results. This is due to your body & brain taking in the density of the nutrients more efficiently without the fat of whole foods also vying for breakdown and use. Having said that, if you are taking your Nootropics for specific events, rather than to gain an advantage on the whole day. Then manage and compare different combinations of when you are eating foods against the time of intaking your Nootropic. As always, hydrate!

For a Nootropic use example, competitive MMA athletes often fight late in the evening and the sport is often referred to as “Intense problem solving, with severe physical consequences”. Therefore an athlete here takes a nootropic past midday so the timing of the effects come in at the right time. Adjusting for the specific Nootropic as not all are the same.

Comparatively, a Cross-fit athlete often competes for extended periods of time or even multiple times in a single day. In this case the athletes will consume an increased amount of calories the previous day, then take a Nootropic in the morning and eat light through the competitive day. This way they have plenty of calories to use and can still compete at an optimum level without mental fatigue.

A third comparison would be for the normal professional or academic worker and those with civilian jobs. The quality of your diet can play a huge part of how well the benefits manifest. If you are consuming a poor and irregular diet your body is in constant digestive stress and your Nootropic ingredients are being thrown in to a poor breakdown flux. Whereas if you are eating a healthy diet with nutrient rich foods and vital proteins on a regular basis. Your Nootropic ingredients will be highly bioavailable in the breakdown of nutrients and the body & brain can make the most of the benefits involved.

You should always take in to account the type of Nootropic you are taking, the environment you are using it in, and how your actual diet will come in to play.


Different Brain Supplements

Nootropics that are more for cognitive enhancement are widely used in competitive environments such as sports or highly attuned professional roles. At the other end of the scale are those looking to protect against cognitive diseases with Nootropics for brain health protection to combat such things as Alzheimers, Dementia & Parkinsons. Inevitably at each end they have become more and more popular and are starting to emerge in to the general population with regular use.

‘Nootropics’ applies to the overall span of cognitive supplements. There are many differences to be found between cognitive boosting/aiding ingredients, as well as similarities. For the consumer that is buying, it is imperative that research is done on the products main ingredients and the ‘other’ ingredients used so that the ‘benefits stated’ reflect that of the contents.

Here at Earthly Biotics our team is continually researching and updating information on past, present and future plants and natural nutrients for the most accurate science. See our Ingredients Discovered page for more information. Or head over to our Global Nootropic Series for the most comprehensively researched and effective natural nootropics.



Thank you for reading this simple & brief intro in to Nootropics. We hope that we can scale our blogs to our readers so we can best provide you with a steady incline. This means everyone can learn along the way and educate themselves to what will be a robust understanding of Nootropics and cognitive performance.

The Earthly Biotics Team