Nootropics VS Smart Drugs

Nootropics and Smart Drugs are not the same. The Earthly Biotics Team have been very eager to write this blog to really counter the miss-information that is being put out by un-educated sources. As always we try to be short, clear, and precise to give you the best information possible in a short amount of time.

It is easy to understand that a vast amount of bloggers & journalists out there are addressing the rise in interest of cognitive supplements and releasing blog posts talking about the subject. Which is great for raising the profile of the industry. However the slang term ‘Smart Drugs’ is consistently being miss-used in line with Nootropics. Nootropics via its definition is - ‘dietary supplement that helps support specific cognitive functions’. Whilst the term ‘Smart Drugs’ refers specifically to the synthetic products (often on prescription) lead by Modafinil, Adderall, Ritalin, Xanax and Piracetam.

There is a further discussion as to the self explanatory difference/qualities of ‘Natural Nootropics’ VS ‘Nootropics’ as the latter contains many synthetic and GMO ingredients in a market saturated by low grade ingredients sellers.

Here therefore we will delve in to the main reason Smart Drugs should not be mistaken as Nootropics or more specifically 100% Natural Nootropics.


A Brief on Nootropics

Nootropic formulas and the ingredients found in them throughout the market are usually natural or a synthetic/GMO variations of the original compound. They usually carry little to no side effects. Especially when using 100% earth grown ingredients and natural nutrients such is found in our Global Focus. We as humans have been evolving alongside and ingesting these plants for hundreds of thousands of years. Historical records consistently show them being used by us throughout many culture eras. The scientific studies and journals are vast and well documented from history through to the modern era. With the most precise clinical trials and results conducted in the last few decades as you will find throughout our Ingredients Page.

By evaluating substantial research data, Nootropic formulas can be broken down to help support different parts of the brain. Such as focus, mood, memory, sleep, and protection from cognitive diseases depending on what part of the brain reacts to the natural nutrients.

Many things need to be considered when using Nootropics, but the fundamental question for any nootropic formula that takes months if not years of research and data to find out is two-fold:

  1. What does a slight change in dose from a single ingredient change about the delivery and then the outcome ?
  2. Then, if we know that 2 ingredients deliver different specific outcomes individually at specified dosages, what will putting them together change about the ultimate outcome ? And what if the dosages then change whilst they are together ? Then multiply that by every single ingredient added and the implications on the other ingredients all at varying dosages ? *head spin!* Suddenly you are faced with thousands of different outcomes. This takes decades to find out.

Synergy is of paramount importance to develop even a standard Nootropic formula. It takes years of research and accumulated data to get a sense of what the final outcome will be. Then to deliver that formula in to a blend for consuming and to avoid using binding agents, fillers, synthetics, GMOs, all of which are standard practise to cheapen the product is an incredible feat of diligence. Lucky for you Earthly Biotics wasn’t made over night. Every member of the team here has put in more work and had more failures to be able deliver a true success than most start-ups can stand. We did not falter, we stayed true to the cause and introduced a new level of sophistication not seen before in our industry for Nootropics.

It has not gone un-noticed that the Nootropic industry has inevitably been inundated with a vast array of products with poor formulas, a lack of substantial research, and a complete miss-understanding of how to correctly correlate and synergise Nootropic ingredients for the correct cognitive outcome. When it comes to taking brain supplements, we at Earthly Biotics feel responsible for leading the way in educating both our customers and competitors by excelling in scientific practises and innovation for the cleanest & most accurate Nootropics.

To conclude this very brief outline of general Nootropics we would say; look at Nootropics as being historically used by humans in many different forms to enhanced cognitive function throughout history, it may seem new now, but it isn’t. That in the modern day they come to light as a positive way to get the most out of your desired cognitive performance or protection. As a new emerging market in the modern era you should expect saturation from low grade variants and many incorrect/useless products. You should always read your labels (including both the ‘Ingredients’ and ‘Other Ingredients’ sections), research the company you are buying from, and finally ensure you have a sufficient diet & lifestyle to best create a base from which you can begin trying Nootropics. Then when you come across a Nootropic company and product that outperforms the rest, you can best benefit.

To learn more about the best Nootropic ingredients for a more comprehensive understanding. Please see our Ingredients Page.


A Brief on Smart Drugs

In short ‘Smart Drugs’ is a slang term adopted to refer to prescription drugs that help with ADD, ADHD, and Narcolepsy, but are often abused by those without the condition to help increase their focus and mental capacity for work. You could also make a case to include those that help with depression & anxiety. Such drugs are sold under many different brand names (just ask yourself why that would be….) such as:

  1. Modafinil
  2. Adderall
  3. Ritalin
  4. Xanax
  5. Piracetam.

Smart drugs are products meant to treat certain illnesses but get abused for cognitive benefits and physical outcomes. They are synthetically created chemical compounds that alter the brain in an aggressive manner. When prescribed for serious conditions they can help. But have since become a huge problem for users without illnesses who are looking to give their brain a boost. Due to the nature of their origin & structure it is no wonder an array of serious side effects have followed. All of which can be found if you conduct a quick google/wikipedia search on each one, instead of reading through all the literature, the data is there to be seen. We have looked at tons of research pages for all of the ones listed above and the wikipedia pages which condense it all have actually been written very well in terms of references to the correct literature and scientific journals referenced. So we encourage you to take a look.

To conclude this brief summary of Smart Drugs then we should enforce that if you have a serious condition and your doctor has prescribed you one of the above, listen to your doctor. If you have not been prescribed one of the above then we would advise not taking them.

If instead you want to learn how to optimise your brain with the correct earth grown ingredients and natural nutrients then continue to our Ingredients page or look in to our current product the Global Focus Nootropic.

The Earthly Biotics Team


Krysztof Szota