Do All Nootropics Have Similar Results ?

A question we have been getting recently that has been asked by many curious onlookers in to the Nootropics market. The answer, annoyingly, no & yes. 

The ‘no’ is that great formulas will often target different cognitive functions. I guess we have stirred this up ourselves considering the mysterious yet logical pictures we have on our Global Nootropic Series page when you scroll down! 

The ‘yes’ being that the majority of low grade nootropics; caffeine filled capsules, or ‘smart drugs’ products out there may give you a little stimulus, if anything at all.

The Earthly Biotics nootropics team are always collecting new data from past & present, as well as actively involving ourselves in current and future research to stay as up to date with the latest information to pass on to our loyal customers. With which we relay to you and make it as easy to understand as possible! …well, as easy as it can be!

Different Ingredients = Different Outcomes

Different ingredients will contain both different and similar micro-nutrients that effect your cognition in more ways than others. It is important to remember that earth grown ingredients & natural nutrients provide the safest & cleanest way to help boost the health and performance of your brain.

No ingredient is the same (and that’s the beauty of it right?), though they may share some similar nutrients albeit at differing levels. Every ingredient has its own unique properties that inevitably help your brain & body in different ways.

For example our Avena Sativa, which is obtained at a certain point in Green Oat Straws life, boosts alpha brain waves at 7.5 - 12.5ghz. Also our L-Theanine from isolated from green tea shows to boost your brain at the same frequency for alpha oscillations. Though they have different micronutrients to compete with and different mechanisms of entry. Separated, you would still get the benefits from one or the other such as intuitive thinking, quicker processing response, reducing irrelevant impulses, and what is colloquially known as ‘being in the zone’ more. 

Together, you can be confident in the effects, whilst the multitude of other micro-nutrients play their roles in other outcomes. Different ingredients sharing a similar benefit, but at different dilutions with different secondary micro-nutrients to help other areas of cognition.

Different Dosages, of the same ingredient = Different Outcomes

“More is not necessarily better.” This statement is true, however it has been butchered and abused by many private label nootropic companies to try and justify their extremely low dosages. This is due to nootropic ingredients being very expensive when you look across the spectrum of the supplement industry. 

To put it more accurately you have to look at each ingredient at different dosages. Some ingredients are effective at lower dosages, some ingredients are effective at higher dosages, some ingredients wont do anything at specific dosages, some ingredients will do the same thing at varying dosages. You see how this is going…

For example lets look at French Maritime Pine Bark and pretend your reason for taking Nootropics is that you work in a highly attuned professional role. Not only do you want the cognitive benefits that many of Nootropic ingredients hold. But you knew that this particular ingredient can keep your blood pressure down. Something that is apparent to you with such an important stressful job every day. 

At 50mg though, the closest thing in relation to blood pressure is that this ingredient will act as an allergy preventer. At 300mg it has shown to help with circulatory problems, so were getting closer! But at 200mg is where it has been best recorded to combat a mid level rising of high blood pressure.

You can then start to imagine how looking at just the individual ingredients and their individual benefits, are all interchangeable at different dosages. That is all even before you start to synergise and have them interact with other ingredients.

Different Synergy, of the same & different ingredients at different dosages = Different Outcomes

Right, . . . here we go. To some up the two previous titles, we have established that 

  1. Different ingredients may have a similar beneficial trait but have more separate unique properties that make it by definition a different ingredient.

  2. Different dosages of different ingredients will/can either cause differing beneficial traits to manifest. Some ingredients change drastically either with higher or lower dosages, and others will only change in a specific direction with a bigger dosage margin.

So, just imagine that you have figured out what you want from 1 ingredient for point A and point B. Then imagine you have done it again with another ingredient and your happy you have established what you want from point A and B again. Respective to the benefits your looking to manifest from each of these individual ingredients.

Now if you put those 2 ingredients together in the same formula with the previously expected outcomes of each individually, then. . . your not getting the moral of this blog. Of course by putting these 2 together, now they are going to react to one another. What you thought you had figured out from points A and point B have now been thrown in to a mixture to present you with point C; the 2 previously identified beneficial outcomes from point A & B for a single ingredient have now been put together to synergise and create a whole new outcome. Back to the drawing board you go. . .

This is what we call ‘synergy’ or ‘synergising ingredients’. Something that 99.99999% of nootropic & VMS companies do not do. Due to cost, time, and resources.

To synergise a formula for accurate beneficial outcomes takes innovation & patience.

To use easy numbers (because in reality the numbers are far from easy) let’s say that seperately; Ginseng improves your focal attention to the best of it’s ability at 100mg and that Ginkgo Biloba has shown to best improve your positive mood at 200mg, but also improves focal attention at 50mg. If we took these ingredients separately at the set dosages we would know what to expect, among a handful of other beneficial traits from each.

Now we put those together in the same formula to synergise, the actual outcome is that Ginseng is only performing at improving your focal attention at 25% the rate it was on its own. And that the Ginkgo Biloba is performing at improving your mood at 115%, and focal attention at 65% the rates they were as an individual ingredient.

Now this is where it get interesting, stay with me. Instead of just accounting for the percentages split and then adjusting respectively to the division of just 2 ingredients. If from that simplified equation you think that by upping the Ginseng dose to 200mg, will then cause it to bump up to 50% of the rate once synergised with the Ginkgo Biloba, you are wrong.
You might actually want to reduce the dosage of the Ginseng to achieve the same beneficial effect of it’s best ability to improve focal attention, once it synergises with Ginkgo Biloba

The rules are not simple. You must do thousands of equations when synergising ingredients together to best achieve the desired outcomes. Once you have figured that out, thrown in another ingredient and see what happens…or another 3, or 5, or 9. 

Synergy will always be of paramount importance when wanting to utilise a multiple stack of nootropic ingredients.

Practical Conclusion

If you are drawn in by a nootropics gucci looking packaging or you have read some interesting bits online to do with a product. Then the amount of time it takes to check the quality of its contents is quicker than you may think. See this blog on nootropic labels.

Also, there are hundreds of websites online dedicated to either reviewing specific products or analysing individual ingredients. Pull from a multitude of resources to best compile an objective look at what you are researching to help you make a final decision on what nootropic you think is best for you. However, as with all things, take caution and reflect on who you look to for answers as there are many voices just shouting to be heard with opinions that are not proven by clinical trials, or any form of data. Be thorough yet efficient and you can have good basic answers within hours to help you learn more.

Likewise you can use our Ingredients Page which accumulates over 300 clinical trials just for our Global Focus Nootropic alone, the most comprehensive accumulation of scientifically backed research evidence on earth grown ingredients and natural nutrients for a cognitive performance nootropic stack.

For an alternative objective view (which we encourage) we would recommend wikipedia for an easy to read source.


The Earthly Biotics Team




Krysztof Szota