Easily Understand A Nootropic Label

The Earthly Biotics Team have put together this short and accurate blog to help you identify the quality of a Nootropic Label as easy as possible if you do not have the time to research each ingredient. We hope it gives you more insight and knowledge for you to best compare products to one another. Always understand what you are buying, do not rely on “gucci” looking packaging. . . . though who doesn’t love Gucci?


Capsule Count VS Serving Amount VS Capsule Size

First, check the ‘Capsule Count’ against the ‘Serving Amount’. This just simply allows you to determine an initial value for money on immediate assumption in quality of contents. If it is 60 capsules it might seem better than 30, but if the serving amount is 4 capsules compared to 2 capsules, then it equals out. Imagining you’ve deduced to 2 products that are similar in effect & price, the question is would you prefer consuming 2 or 4 capsules as both are equal in that case. Most likely, 2. Simple to check and easy to establish the real quantity of servings. 

But then the size of a capsule introduces the third dimension in to this equation.

Most capsules are sized at ’00’ which is standard. Some are sized at ‘0’ which is very small, and others at ‘000’ which is quite a large capsule and used more regularly than a ‘0’ size for the obvious reasons of the seller making it seem like they have more ingredients for less capsules. So be wary as if you’re comparing ingredient amounts then a ‘000’ capsule may deceive you in to thinking that product has more ingredient content value per capsule. Though capsule sizes are not shown on labels, so usually you will have to judge for yourself. We’ll go in to this int he next section.

Earthly Biotics best UK cognitive enhancer product the Global Focus Nootropic has 60 capsules at a serving size of 2, making for 30 total servings using normal sized ’00’ in easy to swallow clear vegan capsules.


Active Weight of Ingredients

Here we can go more in to active weight rather than the ingredient itself. In the case of Nootropics many of the ingredients involved and especially the earth grown ingredient ones are higher in density than the average across the spectrum of VMS (Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements). This is in part because of their nutrient rich value increasing density, as well as price per milligram. A reason why many private label brands use fillers and binders to up the active weight, is so their product has the perception of great ingredients at a larger total weight. Yet a lot of it is bumped up by cheap flow agents. You will often see between 500-1100 milligrams of active ingredient from a 2 capsule serving (size’00) in a Nootropic product, then the rest of the unwanted synthetics, binders, fillers, and “natural” flow-agents will be found in ‘other ingredients’ section.

Currently Earthly Biotics flagship the Global Focus Nootropic for cognitive performance is the only product available that completely packs its capsules with our pure nutrient dense earth grown ingredients, filling to a max capacity of just over 1,400 milligrams. Delivering disproportionate value for our customers. Thanks to the innovation and creation from the Earthly Team we have assembled a product that is highly bioavailable without the use of anything needing to appear on our “other ingredients” section.


‘Other Ingredients' Section

Finally, and arguably most importantly you can move on to the actual ‘Other Ingredients’ part of the label. It is important to remember, most Nootropic companies use fillers and binders to fill their capsules up for a number of reasons ranging from their manufacturers practise (to protect their machines), or helping the ingredients actually bind together, or become more bioavailable, or often through to the brand wanting a lower cost for producing the final product. All the nasties added should be stated in this section usually found at the bottom of the label. If that section is not to be found at all then alarm bells should be ringing immediately. Otherwise you may see binders or fillers, the most common of which are; Rice Flour, Silica, “Natural” Flow Agent, Vegetable Sterate(Steric Acid), or Cellulose, to name a few.

It completely common and expected practise in the industry to do this and has been for a very long time. We however, thought with our soul approach with purely earth grown ingredient and natural nutrients, combined with todays science and our innovative leading UK manufacturer that it was crucial we create the first ever completely clean Nootropic. We have and will continue to produce the highest grade natural brain performance supplements available. Look in to our current range of cognitive supplements in the Global Nootropic Series.


We always encourage you to compare labels to one another from different products and companies. With just a tiny bit of educated you can choose wisely!

We will be going over identifying the correct ingredients for the proposed or stated outcomes of the label/packaging in a future blog so you can decide wether what you are being sold, actually does what it says on the tin!

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via social media or email and you will be able to converse with the Earthly Team directly to help you with any queries about our industry.


The Earthly Biotics Team


Krysztof Szota