15 Common Questions About Brain Supplements

The Earthly Biotics Team have had a lot of the same questions popping up in emails and DMs via social media. So we thought we would put together a short Q&A here for you of the top 15 questions we are asked about in regards to cognitive supplements and our Nootropics. Enjoy!

  1. Will I Become Smarter ?
    Mental performance benefits do manifest and clearly occur. However your IQ will remain at the same level as this question.
  2. Do They Actually Work ?
    Yes. As much as the better Nootropic ingredients will work more than others for your brain. As is the same that certain protein sources work better than others for your muscles.
  3. Why Have I Not Heard Of It Until Now ?
    Despite cognitive supplements being ingested by humans for thousands of years, they are relatively new in their current modern day form. Nootropics with purely earth grown ingredients and natural nutrients such as sold by Earthly Biotics are even newer and more rare due to the high cost of quality.
  4. How Do They Work ?
    In the very simple short form, nootropic ingredients contain micro-nutrients that feed & assist certain parts of the brain.
  5. Are There Side Effects ?
    With higher quality Nootropics made from earth grown ingredients and natural nutrients, side effects are highly unlikely. Synthetic Nootropics & ‘Smart Drugs’ have an increased risk of side effects due to genetically modified organisms entering the body and brain.
  6. Can I Get An All In One ?
    Some products on the market are sold as an all in one but realistically are only tapping in to one feature. To actively assist or boost your Focus, Memory, Mood, & Protection you would have to consume a vast amount of capsules, the science of which is not profound due to the complexities of the multitudes of synergistic outcomes.
  7. How Has Earthly Biotics Avoided All Synthetics, Binders, & Fillers Unlike Others ?
    We work with an innovative UK manufacturer who share the same principles as us in making the cleanest most natural products in the supplement industry. We are the first to offer this level of sophistication for clean cognitive supplements.
  8. When Will I Notice The Benefits ?
    Most benefits can be noticed within the hour. However if you are overweight and have a poor diet, benefits have been known to manifest after 2 weeks once ‘stacking’ of the micro-nutrients has been achieved to a level noticeable.
  9. Is There A  Stimulant ‘Come-Down’ ?
    Not with Earthly Biotics products. It is not a a central nervous system stimulant. It literally feeds your brain directly. Therefore you experience more of a ‘in the zone’ feeling or a ‘flow state’.
  10. Can I Take Them With Coffee ?
    Yes, however you will most likely notice a significant increase in mental & physical energy when using both Nootropics & coffee at the same time.
  11. Can I Take More Than Your Recommended Dose ?
    Our recommended dose is 2 capsules per serving which typically lasts for the day. However physiology & food/water intake play a part in the breakdown of nutrients, therefore everyone can be slightly different. You can take more than 2 capsules at your own discretion and if doing so spread out the intake. It is unlikely you will experience any negative effects however. Though we always advise to stay with the recommended amount that is found on the ‘Supplement Facts’ label.
  12. Who Are Nootropics For ?
    As it says on our Global Focus Nootropic tin “Professional & Athletic Endeavours”. Nootropics assist and boost people in all walks of life from the average-joe to the highest performers. If your looking to improve, Nootropics are for you.
  13. When Will Earthly Biotics Be Releasing The Rest Of The Global Nootropic Series ?
    Stay tuned via social media and the newsletter for updates.
  14. Are Nootropics Addictive
    The ingredients used in Earthly Biotics products do not contain addictive qualities. As new science is emerging it is important to recognise that addiction is being cited as leaning more towards personality traits as much as specific dopaminergic materials like alcohol or gambling. We will be following this research as it accumulates to learn more.
  15. How Long Can I Use Nootropics For ?
    As long as you like. Some people like to ‘cycle’ as to not build up a tolerance so that the Nootropic is consistently effective. This would mean 5 days on 2 days off, or 4 weeks on 1 week off. However the science is not profound in regards to these micro-nutrients being blocked by tolerance levels. Many users report that the longer they take Nootropics the more they benefit due to the brain being consistently fed with high quality micro-nutrients.

For more information please see our FAQ page, and do contact us via any social media outlet for any questions you may have.

The Earthly Biotics Team


Krysztof Szota