True Tips For Cognitive Enhancers

When venturing in to the world of nootropics and deciding to help your brain work more efficiently there are a number of things you can do to maximise the benefits.


Tip 1 : Don’t Rely On Coffee or Nootropics!

If the team here at Earthly Biotics got an avocado for every time we were asked “do they really work” we would. . . well, have a lifetime supply of avocados! Does coffee work ? Yes. Do Nootropics work ? Yes. Nootropics are not a cure for being lazy just as coffee isn’t. Nor (well we don’t) are they sold as such. Although releasing “Global Anti-Lazy Piece Of S@£t Cognitive Wonder” could be a winner, we’ll look in to it. But most importantly you must understand that ingredients with cognitive performance aspects are real and literal. They will boost your cognition most accurately in the ways that have been scientifically studied and journaled. You should put yourself in the right environment for those benefits to best manifest and reap the rewards of achieving your goals.

Though I compare it to coffee and notice the benefits right away. Taking mine as soon as I wake up with a glass of water, within 30 minutes I can tell I am on point and ready to push & succeed in the day. The director of Earthly Biotics; Krys and the technical staff also made a really good analogy that I have used for our current product the Global Focus Nootropic, when we were trying to figure out every possible solution to helping our customers understand the utter complexities of cognitive enhancement. One of which was; “If you take protein powder and don’t work out your muscles then you cannot expect the muscles to get bigger and stronger. Likewise, if your not actively engaging your brain with tasks in a physical or mental environment, then do not expect to get the benefits either.” Luckily the majority of adults use their brains (…the majority) and everyone should be able to easily identify where they can push themselves in their work/objective. Like coffee it will give you a boost. However our Nootropics has zero caffeine in, so there is no comedown or crash when it wears off. It is quite simply, clean pure elevated function. Then you can start to realise the benefits of Nootropics, thank you science.

Once you start supplementing with Nootropics however it is important to remember that the micro-nutrients stack. So if you don’t feel like you get the benefits right away, don’t worry. Be consistent with your intake when you get up in the morning and you will soon realise how it is helping you.  For those who are really looking to make the most of their lives. It says it right on the tin of our Global Focus, and always will - For Professional & Athletic Endeavours.


Tip 2 : Be Consistent and Scale

User experience varies between noticing effects prominently when taking on an empty stomach in the morning, through to 2 weeks after first intake before reporting benefits. There are a number of reasons and factors that can come in to play such as weight & diet amongst others. If your overweight with a poor diet, chances are your internals are in crisis and the last thing their concerned with breaking down for use are small natural chemicals for the brain. Instead your bodies digestive track and enzymes will be in constant flux of thriving off poor high fat high carb high sugar contents, and screaming in need of nutrient dense whole foods from vegetables & proteins. Be sure to have a consistently healthy diet with regular exercise so your body will use and absorb correctly everything that it takes in.

Nootropics do scale, meaning the more you use them the more your body will get used to them, this is both a plus and a minus. The longer you take them the more profound the effects can become. So not only should you be consistent in taking them but also at the same time each day. This creates a snowball like effect where the ingredients can stack on top of themselves and strengthen the neurons in your brain that they are engaging with. This happens to the point at which the ingredient dose would then need to be increased to see any further change. That being said, we dose specifically to each individual ingredient for maximum benefit that is back by clinical trials and represented as a whole in our serving size. The other side of this is that your body becomes used to the ingestion and starts to cater itself to the previous homeostasis. This is when ‘cycling can become an advantage. Cycling your intake is when you may take them for 5 days then not for 2 days. Or have 2 months on, 2 weeks off. These are common ‘cycling’ parameters. Now your body and brain are less likely to become accustomed to the ingestion and benefits can be noticed for longer periods of time.

As with all parameters discussed in Tip 2, they vary from person to person and you should see how you react and where your optimal points are for each part.


Tip 3 : A Little Bit Of Everything Please

So we have briefly spoken about ways to optimise your cognitive enhancer but if you really want to benefit you need to be managing from every outlet. We know that you could replace your coffee and let your Nootropics do a better job for you. But we also know that the more your brain is working and the harder it is having to operate is where Nootropics shine even brighter. No surprise that elite athletes & professionals report significant benefits.

Here is a list of things many of us here at Earthly Biotics do to put our brains at the peak of their performance, so our Nootropics can lead most effectively (as well as some other benefits!);

  • Wake Up Early
    Mindset is put in to first gear. Its ok if it feels hard, it’s supposed to be! Overcome it!
  • Cold Showers
    Improves circulation, Relieves depression, Better skin & hair, Boosts immune system & testosterone, Increases fertility, Energy shock starter, Helps regulate sleep & melatonin
  • Fitness
    Open water swimming, Heavy lifting, Military style circuits, Outdoor yomping/hiking, Hilly trail running
  • Yoga
    Flexibility, Strength, Respiration, Metabolism, Cardio, Structural integrity, All mentally boosting
  • Steam & Sauna
    Skin(dry=go steam, oily=go sauna), Muscle relaxing, Circulation, Sweat, Sleep, Relieves sinuses,
  • Meditate & Breathing
    Deep breathing for oxygen uptake, Shallow breathing for hypoxic stress or oxygen retention, physical & mental release, mental clarity for short & longterm goals, 
  • Diet
    Eating organic whole foods. No sugar, low carbs. High in meat and/or vegetables. Drink way more water than you think you need! More calories, more and for always.
  • Planning
    Stay efficient, Keep order in work and personal life, Time & effort dedicated towards family & friends. Planning ahead allows for improvement when undertaking.


Lastly, surround yourself with likeminded people and enjoy the ride!


Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next blog! Or head over to the Earthly Absurdly Podcast and see what extraordinarily exceptional guests we have coming on.

The Earthly Biotics Team


Krysztof Szota